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Agency fees and service charges for arranging and issuing a rental contract in Germany for furnished or unfurnished houses or apartments and flats, long or short lease.

According to the new law of 2015, the so called "The one who orders, also pays" (Bestellerprinzig) the estate agent is now paid by the owner letting the property and not anymore by the tenant. The owner commissions the agent to find a new tenant. Betweem the two parties an agency contract is agreed on.


Exceptions always exist, for instance when a prospective tenant asks the agent to search for him and find a new apartment. In most cases these inquiries come from outside Germany from non-speaking parties who do not speak German or cannot spent much time on it.

This action is part of the activity called Relocation and includes the following:

* Orientation in the new area

* House- or Apartment search and finding

* Establishment

* Integration

An Agent-Search-Contract is agreed on between the parties and all specifications of the Dream-Property are listed. The above sections can be booked all together or seperatly. Prices in request!

In our Relocation Page you find more information!


There has been no change on selling of houses or apartments. The agency is being paid as before and as agreed. In most cases the commission consists of Outside brokerage (Buyer) and Inside Brokerage (Seller).







Our service for you:

  • Rental of living space
  • Relocationservice
  • Real Estate Consulting
  • Real Estate Sales


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In all areas of Düsseldorf like Bilk, Flehe, Friedrichstadt, Golzheim, Grafenberg, Kaiserswerth, Ludenberg, Oberkassel, Pempelfort, Unterbilk and many others.